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On the Simmental bulls we were long on bull calves, so we cut very deep. I do believe this is the best set of bulls we have ever had. Hart Proud 343F is a new Simmental bull, his calves are very impressive. You will see more calves from him in the future.

This year we decided to clip the bulls before taking pictures, so all the pictures of the bulls on the internet are after they were clipped. It sure made a difference in their appearance; they looked so much smother and impressive looking. The 365 day weight will be taken around March 1st and then the results will be posted on the internet.
Those bulls that are March and April calves don't compare to the Jan. and Feb. calves. Those few months make a lot of difference; give those bulls time to grow. When you buy a bull in Feb. you'd be surprised at how much they have grown at delivery in May

We will keep the bulls till May 1st and deliver within reason. Bulls will be semen tested, ½ down, free delivery. All bulls will be vaccinated for foot rot twice and will be given their Vira shield 6+VL5 and Anthrax shot. If an injury or death occurs before May 1st we are responsible for ½ the loss and you the other ½. If a breeding injury occurs a percentage will be applied toward a purchase next year. Add up all of these benefits with moderate prices and we will be able to save you some money on very excellent bulls.

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